Ploughshares Fund’s Field Building Advisory Committee

Ploughshares Fund’s Field Building Advisory Committee
Applications Due: September 29, 2023
To fundamentally transform nuclear policy, Ploughshares Fund is embarking on a field building effort to strengthen the nuclear field by providing supportive services to the field; actively convening and engaging with our partners through new processes and strategic approaches; and investing funding in organizations and projects that advance our mission of reducing and eventually eliminating nuclear weapons.
Ploughshares Fund works with and across different parts of the nuclear field that seek to combat nuclear weapons threats by limiting, reducing the number of, or eliminating nuclear weapons including through arms control, nonproliferation, disarmament, and abolition. This field is inclusive of civil society broadly and includes advocates, impacted communities, thought leaders, activists, academics, funders, and others. It has close connections to other fields, such as conflict resolution, social justice, the environment, and peacebuilding. It is international in scope, though currently much of Ploughshares Fund’s grantmaking and partnership is US- focused.
For more information about Ploughshares Fund’s field building approach, please visit our website.
The Advisory Committee
Ploughshares Fund seeks to launch an Advisory Committee as part of its new field building work. This Advisory Committee will be organized and supported by the Ploughshares Fund’s field building department and act in service to both Ploughshares Fund and the field more broadly. Our aim is to make the field – both its challenges and strengths – more transparent and to improve Ploughshares Fund’s field building efforts.
The goal of the Advisory Committee is to generate shared insights about the state of the field, what changes are emerging and why, and to provide advisory input and feedback to Ploughshares Fund on its field building efforts. This will include analyzing field building initiatives with a critical lens, assessing field building processes, and supporting feedback loops. The results of Advisory Committee discussions will be shared with the broader field, including how Ploughshares Fund is adapting in response.
The Advisory Committee will meet on a quarterly basis beginning in February 2024. Each quarterly meeting will require a few hours of pre- and post-work with an estimated commitment of 20 hours yearly. Each member will serve one two-year term and receive a stipend of $2,500 yearly. The group will initially be comprised of nine participants, with the opportunity to expand it in the following year.
Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Have a pre-existing understanding of the nuclear field and its history, or experience with field building in an adjacent field.
  • Be willing to challenge the existing status quo of the nuclear field.
  • Center equity in decision making.
  • Be prepared to participate in ways that exemplify Ploughshares Fund’s Code of Conduct.

As a group, we intend for the committee to reflect:

  • Diversity of expertise and functionality including:
    • Communications;
    • Mobilization in service of a goal;
    • Grassroots organizing;
    • Academia; and
    • Innovation.
  • Diversity in perspective, background, lived experience, and identity.

Ploughshares Fund encourages people to apply regardless of geographic location and will consider applications from outside of the United States. You do not have to be a current or former grantee of Ploughshares Fund to apply.
Please fill out this form with your personal information and responses to the short answer questions, and then submit your resume to