Will Lowry

Digital Communications Manager
San Francisco, CA

Will focuses on expanding Ploughshares Fund’s online presence and target audience, thereby expanding its supporter base and the impact of its campaign work. Prior to joining the team, Will worked for 15 years managing digital communications for businesses and environmental organizations. Most recently, he assisted the Sierra Club with online activism and all areas of their work in the San Francisco Bay Area. Will holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from UC Berkeley and a Master of Arts degree in Literature from San Francisco State University.


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Congress, spare us a veto fight on Iran

"The over-heated debate over whether Congress should block the Iran nuclear accord is done. Finished. Baked. With 41 Democratic senators—and counting—now endorsing the agreement, Congress cannot block the pact. It is time for opponents of the agreement to stand down. If they don’t, they would...

September 8, 2015 - By Will Lowry
September 8, 2015 - By Will Lowry