Annual Report 2011

December 22, 2011

The past few years have seen great progress toward our ultimate goal: the elimination of nuclear weapons. Working together with an impressive community of grantees, partner foundations, military leaders, political experts and senior statesmen, we have grown a new, bipartisan consensus that sees nuclear weapons as liabilities, not assets. We have created solutions and dialogue where none existed. And, we have pushed forward policies that are steadily whittling down the world's nuclear arsenals.

We are proud of these successes. But we are not finished yet. From the ratification of the New START treaty to the new debate over nuclear budgets, we are taking advantage of every opportunity, expanding our influence, improving our analysis, and growing our audiences. In a gridlocked political system, in a time of major foriegn policy upheaval, in a world that has grown increasingly unpredictable: we are breaking through. 

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