What We Fund

"Ploughshares Fund helps make the world more safe and secure.”
It’s a simple sentence, but it's supported by complex work.

How do we do it? By funding organizations and people who promote
the elimination of nuclear weapons, prevent the emergence
of new nuclear states, and build regional peace.
Promote the Reduction and Eventual Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. We’re building the common understanding among world leaders that nuclear weapons are unacceptable. We help leaders take concrete steps to reduce current arsenals and limit future ones, all to achieve a planet where nuclear weapons can never be used again.
Prevent the Emergence of New Nuclear States. Iran and North Korea have been the biggest threats to containing nuclear weapons. The lasting solution will not be a military one. Diplomacy and engagement—always grounded in data and strategic analysis—can solve these problems. It takes hard work and intelligence, both of which require funding.
Build Regional Peace and Security. Longstanding and unresolved tensions between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan make South Asia one of the most dangerous places on earth. Our partners work to transform the region with fact-finding missions, on-the-ground analysis, high-level dialogue, confidence-building measures, and more.

Our World is Safer When We Include All Voices.

In pursuit of a world where all can live free from the threat of nuclear weapons, we must take an approach that puts people at the center of policy. It’s imperative we harness the insight and experience the entire field has to offer and work toward greater inclusivity and representation. Ploughshares Fund is committed to supporting women-led organizations and projects in its funding priorities and opening the field to and amplifying diverse voices working on these issues.

You Play a Role.

We help regular people—you, your parents, your neighbors, your coworkers—understand that the nuclear threat is not over. You can help eliminate nuclear weapons by supporting Ploughshares Fund today. Make a donation. Share on social channels. Talk with friends. Together, we can make the world safer and more secure.

Apply for a Grant:

Ploughshares Fund is looking for the smartest minds and organizations to partner with. Contact us to inquire about current grant opportunities, or apply for a grant.