Annual Report 2013

December 4, 2013

The world still has some 17,000 nuclear weapons—enough to destroy the world many times over. But it used to be even worse. There used to be 70,000. Thanks to the persistence of many dedicated individuals, we have moved step by step away from Cold War nuclear disaster.

Now, together with our dedicated partners, we are moving toward a world where nuclear weapons can never be used again. We are cutting nuclear budgets, shrinking U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals and countering the doctrines that justify their existence. We are spearheading a national campaign to guide U.S. policy toward a sustainable, diplomatic solution to Iran’s problematic nuclear program. We are quietly finding ways to remove roadblocks to further negotiations with Russia. And we are supporting on-the ground ventures to ease tensions between India and Pakistan.

We are innovating—seeking new voices, ideas and collaborations that will improve and enhance our efforts. With each new idea, each changed narrative, each reduced budget, each legislative victory, we are making an impact. The world is made a little safer. And we move closer to our ultimate goal.

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