Black Lives Matter

June 19, 2020

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Black Lives Matter

Our mission and our values are grounded in peace, democracy and justice


SAN FRANCISCO, CA & WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Ploughshares Fund affirms what so many of our partners and allies have already said: Black Lives Matter.

Protesters across the country have shone a light on what can no longer be ignored: the persistence of deadly and systemic racism in America. In just these past few months, we have seen African Americans killed while jogging, killed while sleeping in their beds, and killed by a police officer kneeling on a man's neck as other officers stood by and watched.

Our mission and our values are grounded in peace, democracy and justice. We fundamentally stand for everyone’s right to a safe and secure future.

That is why Ploughshares Fund stands in solidarity with those peacefully protesting against police violence and callous disregard for the lives… of Trayvon Martin… of Philando Castile… of Eric Garner… of Breonna Taylor… of Ahmaud Arbery… of George Floyd… and too many others.

To our friends, families, and partners working for racial justice, climate justice, economic justice, social justice — we offer our unwavering support and solidarity.

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