Geneva Deal Strong First Step Toward Addressing Iran’s Nuclear Program

November 23, 2013

Washington, DC – Ploughshares Fund welcomes today’s announcement by the P5+1 powers and Iran regarding their agreement to address the international community’s most immediate concerns about Iran’s nuclear program.  This first step agreement will usher-in further negotiations aimed at achieving a comprehensive agreement to verifiably block Iran’s ability to ever build a nuclear weapon.

The leadership of Ploughshares Fund has issued the following statements:

“Freezing Iran’s nuclear program is a major step toward stopping it completely. This is a strong deal that advances American security interests in the region.

“This first phase agreement ensures that we will continue to negotiate a complete end to Iran’s nuclear program and should reassure U.S. allies in the region that Iran cannot make a dash for the bomb.

“Ploughshares Fund urges U.S. negotiators to continue negotiations toward a final deal with the same urgency that they have demonstrated over the past few weeks.”

  - Joe Cirincione, President

“The deal made in Geneva today will build confidence among all parties and will make a comprehensive and verifiable arrangement with Iran that ends its nuclear program more likely.

“A verifiable freeze of Iran’s nuclear program is an important step toward increasing American security and the security of our allies in the Middle East.  This deal sends a strong signal to U.S. allies in the region that the international community is determined to end any possibility of Iran breaking out with a nuclear weapon.

“Now is the time for patience. As diplomacy continues, we applaud the bipartisan members of Congress who stand ready to support America’s negotiators in their ongoing diplomatic efforts.”

  - Joel Rubin, Director of Policy and Government Affairs