Kavita N. Ramdas Joins Ploughshares Fund's Board of Directors

November 15, 2017


Media Inquiries: Philip Yun | Executive Director | pyun@ploughshares.org; (415) 668-2244.

Kavita N. Ramdas Joins Ploughshares Fund's Board of Directors

Women's rights leader and social justice advocate is the newest member of the global security foundation's board of directors

WASHINGTON, DC –The global security foundation Ploughshares Fund has welcomed Kavita N. Ramdas to its Board of Directors. A prominent figure in women’s rights, advocacy and public affairs, Ramdas was a featured panelist at the foundation’s “Chain Reaction: Women in Security” fundraising event in June 2016, in which women involved in arms control and nuclear security efforts came together to discuss pressing nuclear weapons and global security issues.

“We are proud to have a feminist leader and advocate for social justice and human rights on our board,” said Joe Cirincione, President of Ploughshares Fund. “Kavita’s presence and guidance will be crucial for Ploughshares Fund moving forward,” he added.

As Strategy Advisor to MADRE, a women's rights organization working to support communities on the forefront of conflict, war, and disaster, Ramdas is actively engaged in advancing women's voice and agency in global peace and security. She previously served as senior advisor to the President of the Ford Foundation and led the Ford Foundation's work in South Asia as the first woman Representative in New Delhi. As President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women, Ramdas helped expand resources for the international women's human rights and development, as well as social justice philanthropy. She brings her vast strategic experience and commitment to equality, justice and peace to Ploughshares Fund at a time when geopolitical tensions are running high.

“Kavita has a unique and powerful set of experiences and networks that Ploughshares Fund will be drawing upon,” said Philip Yun, Ploughshares Fund Executive Director. “We must remember that building a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons will require women's leadership and engagement as part of diverse perspectives and thought leaders. Kavita brings all of this and more to Ploughshares Fund.”

Ploughshares Fund is a global security grantmaking foundation based in San Francisco, CA, with an office in Washington, DC. Founded in 1981, Ploughshares Fund supports initiatives to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons. It is the largest US philanthropic organization focused exclusively on nuclear security.

For media inquiries: Executive Director Philip Yun: pyun@ploughshares.org; (415) 668-2244.