Nation's Largest Nuclear Security Funders Hire Erika Gregory to Lead New Initiative

August 21, 2014

San Francisco ­ Five of the nation¹s largest funders of nuclear security and non-proliferation have hired Erika Gregory to lead a new, collaborative initiative aimed at bringing innovation into the 70 year old nuclear field. The funder collaborative, comprised of Carnegie Corporation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Ploughshares Fund and Skoll Global Threats Fund, aim to drive more attention to their common goal of increasing nuclear security and decreasing risks from nuclear weapons.

"Beliefs and policies around nuclear weapons are still shaped by the Cold War context," said Philip Yun, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Ploughshares Fund. "Ploughshares Fund is pleased to host this initiative in our San Francisco office and we anticipate that Erika will be able to bring in 21st century approaches and partnerships with innovative players in technology, social media and the arts."

For the past 9 years, Gregory has served as the CEO and President of San Francisco based consulting firm Collective Invention, leading social innovation efforts in education, community and economic development, and sustainability. In addition to her work at Collective Invention, Gregory has been instrumental in the development of tools and methodologies that support social innovation. She has coached boards and leadership teams across Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States, focusing on the role of leadership in fostering innovation culture. Erika has designed and managed projects for senior leaders and their direct reports in government ministries, industry consortia and Fortune 100 clients.

"There are concrete steps that we can take now to improve nuclear security, making the whole world safer. What could possibly be more important?" said Gregory, who will continue as Chair of the Collective Invention Board. "I am thrilled to bring the tools and methods of social innovation to this profoundly important mission, and I¹m honored to have the support of such an extraordinary consortium as I do."

The new partnership is designed to bring positive disruption to the arena of nuclear security, increasing the effectiveness of the community¹s ability to address these threats and bringing new energy to existing efforts. The collaborative includes expertise and contributions from five foundations who share a strong interest in increasing the effectiveness of current efforts in the nuclear arms control and nonproliferation field. 

Over a two-year pilot phase, the nuclear innovation collaborative will invest $2 million in grant making and direct activities to introduce innovation into the nuclear security arena. This initiative does not take significant funds away from current investments nor does it alter the priorities of each foundation¹s individual nuclear grantmaking strategy.

Gregory will be housed at Ploughshares Fund in San Francisco, CA.


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