One Year Later, Ploughshares Fund Applauds Success of the Iran Nuclear Agreement

July 13, 2016
Global Peace and Security Group Calls on Policymakers to Protect Landmark Diplomatic Accord
On the one year anniversary of the Iran nuclear agreement, Ploughshares Fund leaders praised its successful implementation and called on policymakers to protect the national security benefits achieved by the accord. 
"One year later, the Iran deal is working. It blocked an Iranian bomb. It prevented the need to use force and markedly reduced the risk of armed conflict in the Middle East. This is a triumph for American national security," said Philip Yun, Ploughshares Fund Executive Director. "A few years ago, a diplomatic solution seemed like a pipe dream. Iran was rapidly expanding its nuclear activities. The international community was divided. War seemed imminent." 
"Today, we have achieved what some called impossible: an effective, verifiable agreement that blocks all of Iran's paths to the bomb. This is the strongest nuclear nonproliferation agreement achieved in the post-Cold War era. It is truly historic, and it is a testament to the dedication and perseverance of U.S. policymakers who demonstrated that strategic diplomacy can resolve national security threats,” Yun added.
“Iran is fulfilling its commitments under the nuclear agreement, and international inspectors regularly verify that Iran remains in compliance,” said Tom Collina, Ploughshares Fund Policy Director.
“Under the agreement, Iran dismantled two thirds of its centrifuges, slashed its uranium stockpile by 98 percent, and ripped out the core of its plutonium reactor. It has accepted unprecedented inspections, ensuring Iran cannot cheat without being caught,” Collina said. 
"The nuclear agreement represents a significant step forward for U.S. national security. Unfortunately, some policymakers seem determined to undermine the accord with proposals that undercut U.S. credibility and our relationships with international partners. We urge all policymakers to protect the nuclear agreement from political attacks and to ensure successful implementation of the agreement.”