Ploughshares Fund announces $1,190,000 in Grants to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

July 6, 2021

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Ploughshares Fund announces $1,190,000 in Grants to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

The global security foundation’s board of directors awards grants to 16 organizations working to stop nuclear threats

WASHINGTON, DC – The global security foundation Ploughshares Fund announced that its board of directors awarded $1,190,000 in new grants to 16 organizations working to reduce and eliminate nuclear weapons, prevent conflict in regions where nuclear weapons exist, and support efforts to promote equity and diversity in the nuclear policy field.

“Our investments will help establish a bold vision for the future of nuclear policy,” said Ploughshares Fund President Emma Belcher. “By funding the work of experts and activists, while creating additional partnerships with mass movement organizations we can create a diverse coalition in support of a safer, saner nuclear policy for the United States.”

The approved grants focus on engaging and supporting the Biden administration, but also bringing public pressure on the administration when necessary. With these new investments, the Council for a Livable World, Tri-Valley CARES and the Women’s Action for New Directions will support advocacy on no first use, canceling the Ground-Based Strategic Defense program, reducing the Pentagon budget, and other nuclear policy priorities. A grant to Women Cross DMZ will support advocacy in Congress for ending the Korean War and pursuing diplomacy with North Korea.

“Working together with our other partners, these grants will help take advantage of critical policy opportunities with the new Biden administration,” said Director of Programs Michelle Dover.

Investments in the Nuclear Threat Initiative and Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security and Conflict Transformation for support of Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy and Organizations in Solidarity, respectively, will help bring greater diversity to the nuclear policy field. An increased investment in the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) will support women-led peacebuilding through its Innovative Peace Fund and provide technical, financial, and strategic guidance while networking women peacebuilders together and connecting them to international peace processes and forums.

Ploughshares Fund awards grants to reduce the number of nuclear weapons, prevent the emergence of new nuclear states and build regional security where nuclear weapons exist. A complete list of grants is available to the public at:

Organizations that received grants at the June 2021 board meeting include:

  1. Atlantic Council of the United States
  2. Congressional Progressive Caucus Center
  3. Council for a Livable World
  4. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
  5. International Civil Society Action Network
  6. J Street
  7. J Street Education Fund
  8. Nuclear Threat Initiative
  9. Tri-Valley CAREs
  10. Union of Concerned Scientists
  11. Vet Voice Foundation
  12. Win Without War Education Fund
  13. Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security and Conflict Transformation
  14. Women Cross DMZ
  15. Women’s Action for New Directions
  16. WAND Education Fund

Ploughshares Fund Board of Directors Transitions:

Amy McGrath, former Marine fighter pilot and Democratic candidate for the 2020 US Senate election in Kentucky, attended her first meeting as a member of the Ploughshares Fund Board of Directors.

For media inquiries: Director of Communications & Marketing Delfin Vigil:; (415) 259-1247.

Ploughshares Fund is a global security foundation based in San Francisco, with an office in Washington, DC. Founded in 1981, Ploughshares Fund supports initiatives to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons. It is the largest US philanthropic organization focused exclusively on nuclear weapons.