Ploughshares Fund Welcomes New Board Member: Tabitha Jordan

December 6, 2012


San Francisco – Ploughshares Fund is pleased to welcome Bay Area philanthropist Tabitha Jordan to its board of directors. Jordan joins a group of former officials, philanthropists, academics and public figures including Michael Douglas, former Senator Chuck Hagel, Dr. Gloria Duffy, former Congressman Admiral Joe Sestak (ret.) and Dr. Reza Aslan, who lead and advise Ploughshares Fund, a global security foundation, as the group works to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons.

“We are delighted to welcome Tabitha Jordan to our board,” said Joe Cirincione, President of Ploughshares Fund. “We look forward to adding her energy and analysis to our efforts to right-size the nuclear budget, prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon and reduce global nuclear stockpiles.”

“At Ploughshares Fund, we rely on the diverse skills and experience of our board members to guide our work,” said Philip Yun, the group’s Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. “Tabitha Jordan brings a new, dynamic voice to our discussions and we are thrilled to have her join us.”

About Jordan

Tabitha Jordan is executive director of the Adam J. Weissman Foundation, supporting science education and research, economic opportunity and community development. Prior to her work in philanthropy, she worked as a management consultant for Accenture serving private and public sector clients, including the Department of State, the Department of Defense, and the United Nations Development Program. She received a B.A. from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

“Ploughshares Fund has built a stellar reputation in the peace and security field,” said Jordan. “I look forward to rolling up my sleeves to support the tremendous work of the staff, board and grantees.”

About Ploughshares Fund

Ploughshares Fund gives individuals the means to make an immediate impact toward a world without nuclear weapons. Since 1981, Ploughshares Fund has led and supported a community of experts, advocates and analysts to implement smart strategies to reduce and ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons. In 2010, Ploughshares Fund spearheaded the successful campaign of over 50 non-governmental organizations to win the Senate approval of the New START treaty. The group is currently concentrating on efforts to bring the nuclear weapons budget in line with the needs of our 21st century military; to continue U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons reductions in a way that benefits both nations’ national security objectives; and to promote diplomatic resolution of Iran’s nuclear program.


Ploughshares Fund is a publicly supported foundation that funds, organizes and innovates projects to realize a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons. For more information, please visit