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Defend Diplomacy with Iran

Advocating a clean reentry into the Iran nuclear agreement

Ploughshares Fund is proud to join over 30 pro-diplomacy groups in sending a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to fulfill his campaign promise to swiftly rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which rolled back Iran's nuclear program and prevented it from developing the capability to make an atomic bomb. The network we built to secure the Iran nuclear deal is strong and growing. We are heartened by the addition of mass movement groups like MoveOn.org and Indivisible, who have the power to reach millions of dedicated members.

The letter to President Biden, co-signed by grantees and partners including Friends Committee on National Legislation, J Street, MoveOn.org, National Iranian American Council, Vote Vets, Win Without War, among others — states that the Iran nuclear deal was one of Biden's “most important and unequivocal promises during the campaign, one shared with every other major Democratic primary candidate, and one that was an important sign that you were prepared to move US foreign policy away from the reckless, belligerent unilateralism of Donald Trump.” In his campaign, Biden promised to return to the Iran nuclear deal and to start broader US-Iranian talks. The two countries have been caught in a standoff as both sides insist that the other make the first move.

The letter pushes back against those who “oppose the very idea of diplomacy let alone any deal with Iran, regardless of the details.” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D–NJ) and other hawkish Democrats have previously aligned with Republicans on the issue.

The United States’ participation in the Iran nuclear deal may have stopped a bomb, stopped a new war in the Middle East, and possibly both. With reentry we can do so again. We urge the president “to move as quickly as practically possible to choose diplomacy with Iran” and rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, the greatest diplomatic achievement in a generation.


.@POTUS, choose diplomacy with Iran! Rejoin the #IranDeal.

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