Farshad Farahat

Actor and director
Los Angeles, CA

Farshad Farahat is an actor and director, who received acclaim for his role in the 2012 film Argo, which won three Academy Awards including Best Picture.  A dedicated proponent of nonviolence and deeply committed to a world free of nuclear weapons, Farshad serves as a member of and ambassador for the National Iranian American Council and is also involved in communications initiatives with the Nuclear Threat Initiative. Consistent with his commitment to leveraging social change and education through entertainment, Farshad lent his voice to a video game that aims, in a sense, to recreate the complex history of events leading up to Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution through a three-season video game series. Entitled, 1979 Revolution, it recounts the tangled and complex history through the use of actual photos, video footage and audio recordings of those involved in the revolution. Born and raised in Tehran, he is a graduate of University of Massachusetts Amherst with a major in political journalism and currently working on his Ph.D. in conflict resolution.