Dr. Emma Belcher

Washington, DC

World-renowned expert on nuclear weapons policy, Dr. Emma Belcher is the President of Ploughshares. In leading the largest foundation singularly focused on reducing the threat of nuclear weapons, Dr. Belcher is an authority on the threat of nuclear weapons and the nuances of nuclear weapons policy. She has experience in a variety of media concerning the threat of nuclear weapons.
Although she’s spent the past 13 years working for foundations, her experience extends beyond philanthropy. She began her career as a Public Affairs Officer at the Australian Embassy in Washington, DC; served as a national security and international affairs advisor in Australia’s Department of the Prime Minister; and held multiple fellowships at prestigious organizations, including the Council on Foreign Relations and Harvard University’s Belfer Center during and after earning her doctorate degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.
Dr. Belcher is available to speak on nuclear weapons reduction, philanthropy, US foreign policy as it relates to nuclear weapons, the importance of intersectionality and inclusion in advocating for peace, and related topics.
To read, view, or listen to Dr. Belcher’s previous media appearances, visit the Ploughshares website. Her 2019 TED Talk on the importance of confronting, humanizing and ultimately solving the existential threat of nuclear weapons can be viewed here.

Please direct all media inquiries to Lauren Billet at lbillet@ploughshares.org.