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19th US Sec. Def. William J. Perry on Press the Button

Trump's final days in office and control over the US nuclear arsenal

This week Press the Button features a bonus episode with 19th US Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, who joins co-host Tom Collina in discussing control over the US nuclear arsenal during President Donald Trump's final days in office:

Following last week’s violent attack on the Capitol by pro-Trump insurrectionists, Ploughshares Fund policy director Tom Collina and former Secretary of Defense Dr. William J. Perry spoke on Press the Button podcast about (the complete lack of) safeguards for preventing an unstable president from launching a nuclear strike.

As Secretary Perry says in the leading podcast dedicated to nuclear policy and national security, “If any decision deserves more deliberation and consultation, it’s the decision which might end our civilization.”

You can listen to the special bonus episode of Press the Button here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

And if you’d like to read more about why it’s time to take the nuclear football out of any president’s hands, see Secretary Perry's new article with Ploughshares Fund policy director Tom Collina in Politico: Trump Still Has His Finger on the Nuclear Button. This Must Change.

In the episode, Secretary Perry is interviewed by Tom Collina, who has 30 years of experience as a researcher, analyst and advocate for sound policy on nuclear weapons, missile defense and nonproliferation issues. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and he has testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Collina’s recent book, co-authored with Perry, is called, The Button: The New Nuclear Arms Race and Presidential Power from Truman to Trump, has been lauded by former President Bill Clinton, among many others.

As this breaking news story continues to develop, Tom Collina is available to speak from Washington for expert interview analysis.



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