2010, the year for rebuilding the movement for nuclear disarmament

Kevin Martin, executive director of the  Peace Action and Lisa Putkey, Peace Action's  Scoville Fellow, coauthor this analysis of the coming year in nuclear disarmament. The United States enters 2010 with approximately 9,400 nuclear weapons.  Of these, 4,200 are retired and awaiting dismantlement. 2,500 are in reserve, and 2,700 nuclear weapons are deployed and operational around the world on U.S. military bases and submarines, many on hair-trigger alert. Martin and Putkey break down the major opportunities for progress on nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament in 2010, as well as the obstacles. The Scoville Fellowship is a Ploughshares-funded program that places recent college graduates in leading arms control organizations in Washington, DC.  Many of today's leaders in the peace and security community got their starts as Scoville fellows.

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