2022 Challenge Match


We are just $75,000 away from reaching our Challenge Match goal of $500,000! Will you help us reach the finish line?

The ongoing nuclear threats in Ukraine have reminded us that a nuclear event is more possible than many of us imagined.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s actions point to a potentially terrifying future where not only human decency, morality, and integrity are under attack – but also the very existence of millions of human lives, regional security, and global order. But it doesn't have to be this way. That’s why we’ve launched this challenge match with the help of key supporters: to fund $1 million in grants to promote diplomacy, address outdated thinking on nuclear security, and build a stronger community of nuclear policy experts. We’ve made $500,000 in grants already to respond to the crisis in Ukraine, but there’s still more to do to ensure this war ends without a nuclear catastrophe.

We’re only $75,000 away from reaching our goal. If ever there was a time to invest in peace and security, it's now – when your gift AND your impact will be doubled.

All first-time donations to Ploughshares Fund will be matched dollar for dollar during this limited time. Plus, all new monthly gifts will be matched at their 12-month value. If you haven’t made a contribution in the last 18 months, we’ll match your next gift in its entirety.

By supporting Ploughshares Fund, you make a direct impact. Your gift will empower Ploughshares Fund’s long-term vision to rethink global security and challenge the status quo, all while building a more resilient, diverse, and nimble community of nuclear policy experts.

Your donation today will be combined with others in this special campaign to make the largest grants possible to those who are working tirelessly to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons.

This challenge match is made possible thanks to the generosity of several loyal supporters who have stepped up to help us meet this pivotal moment in history.

Together, we can work to overcome the existential threat of nuclear weapons and make the world a safer place for all. Please make a gift today and encourage others to join our effort.