2022 Challenge Match


Russia’s unthinkable invasion of Ukraine has exposed just how close nuclear escalation and nuclear war can be. It’s moments like this that remind us why Ploughshares Fund was founded more than 40 years ago, and why we must work together to fulfill our mission to rid the world of this existential threat.
To meet the urgency of this moment, the Ploughshares Fund Board of Directors is working with several of our key supporters to launch a donation challenge match.
Right now, all first time gifts will be matched dollar for dollar. Plus, all new monthly gifts will be matched at their 12 month value. Or, increase your giving and the full amount above your last gift will be matched.

Make a gift today and encourage others to join our effort.

By supporting Ploughshares Fund you’ll be making a direct impact. In response to the crisis unfolding between Russia and Ukraine, Ploughshares Fund is urgently looking to make near-term grants and investments that will:

  • Fight back against misinformation with smart, credible analysis that can set the record straight about the real threats and risks of nuclear escalation and war
  • Mobilize citizens in Europe and the United States against the use of nuclear weapons or war
  • Support nuclear nonproliferation and arms control experts from Ukraine and Russia
  • Explore opportunities that will promote diplomacy, stability, and arms control—policies like No First Use and sole purpose—and advance US policies to limit the use of nuclear weapons and prevent nuclear escalation

In the long term, we must also double down on grants and investments that will:

  • Reimagine global security
  • Fundamentally question the role and existence of nuclear weapons
  • Build a resilient, diverse, and nimble community of nuclear experts who can respond to regional nuclear conflicts wherever and whenever they might arise
  • Educate the public to understand the clear danger posed by nuclear weapons of any kind, regardless of whether they are “tactical” or “low yield”

A donation today will be combined with others in this special campaign to make the largest grants possible to those who are working every day to solve the world’s biggest problem of nuclear weapons.

Challenge match funds will be earned in the following ways:

  • All new gifts will be matched dollar for dollar
  • All increased gifts over and above a previous gift made in the prior 18 months will be matched, excluding the prior gift fraction
  • Donors who have not given 18 months prior to their gift will be considered “new” and their gift will be matched in its entirety
  • New monthly giving pledges will be matched at their 12-month value

This challenge match is made possible thanks to the generosity of several loyal supporters who have stepped up to help us meet this pivotal moment in history.
Your gift will empower Ploughshares Fund’s long-term and big picture vision to rethink global security, challenge the status quo, while building a resilient, diverse and nimble community of nuclear policy experts.
Please join us in supporting this challenge campaign and together we can overcome the existential threat of nuclear weapons.