Block Mike Pompeo, Say No to Nuclear War

Let your senators know: a vote for Pompeo is a vote for war

Together, we can prevent a global catastrophe. Sign our petition to block Mike Pompeo, who has been nominated as Secretary of State. Pompeo is a harsh critic of the Iran nuclear agreement, which currently blocks Iran’s pathways to acquiring nuclear weapons, and has called for military strikes against their nuclear facilities. He has also called for overthrowing the government of North Korea, and for offering absolutely no concessions in diplomatic talks to rid North Korea of nuclear weapons.

A vote to confirm Pompeo as Secretary of State is a vote for war — possibly nuclear — but his nomination can be blocked. We need to know which US senators stand against sleepwalking to nuclear war and which do not. As former Ambassador Nick Burns said recently on Morning Joe, "We are heading towards two nuclear crises with Iran and North Korea. It is almost inevitable." However, nothing is inevitable.

With John Bolton as National Security Advisor and Pompeo as Secretary of State, President Trump’s nuclear war cabinet would be complete. Together, they would reinforce the president’s preference for military action over diplomacy, even around nuclear weapons. Their studied recklessness would exacerbate risks associated with the president’s unpredictability, lack of planning and his absolute authority to start nuclear war.

By blocking Pompeo, we can send a message for sane US foreign policy and against nuclear war – before Pompeo and Bolton are able to set the stage through their belligerence and duplicity.

Let your senators know: a vote for Pompeo is a vote for war and moving toward nuclear conflict. Sign this petition and tell your senators to vote 'no' on the nomination of Mike Pompeo to be US Secretary of State.

Then, share this petition with your friends, family, and coworkers. Together, we can make sure nuclear weapons are never used again.