Day #8: 30 Years of Experience

Ploughshares Fund is a leading voice for the reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons. From our founding in a San Francisco living room to our leadership supporting the ratification of the New START accord, Ploughshares Fund has never wavered from that ultimate goal.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve sought to give money where it would make the biggest difference. When a key scientist needed a plane ticket to make a ground breaking presentation on nuclear test detection technology, we were there to buy it. When the Berlin wall fell, we were there to support groups securing nuclear materials in Russia. And when ill-advised proposals for new nuclear weapons were proposed, we were there to stop them.

As we’ve worked with some of the smartest people advancing the best ideas, we’ve developed our own expertise and a track record of success. Our role as a funder gives us a 30,000 foot viewpoint that allows us to shape successful strategies. And our role as a partner allows us to be flexible and collaborative.

Our founder, Sally Lillienthal, believed deeply that people working together, on even the most challenging global problems, can make a difference. At Ploughshares Fund, we think that we’ve demonstrated the power of her conviction.

Photo by dugspr