Ploughshares Fund Urges Diplomacy For Ending War in Ukraine

Ploughshares Fund supports President Biden’s decision to authorize humanitarian and security assistance to support Ukraine’s effort to combat Russia’s devastating and unjustified attack on Ukraine and its citizens.

We condemn Russia’s brutal invasion and attacks on Ukraine which have forced the displacement of over 3 million Ukrainians and caused a horrifically high number of casualties. This conflict is, heartbreakingly, another demonstration of the gruesome and catastrophic impact of war and it must stop.

The international community can and is responding. By utilizing its economic and diplomatic tools, it is sending a clear message that this campaign by Russia is inexcusable and will not be tolerated.

The United States is leading the international community in this effort. With these tools we can move towards a conclusion to this conflict–one that will bring sustainable peace–and not further a war or the risk of nuclear conflict.

As the largest US-based foundation dedicated to eliminating the threat of nuclear weapons, it is our mission to raise awareness about the dangers and risks posed by nuclear weapons and to encourage diplomacy, not violence, between nuclear-armed states, such as the United States and Russia.

The stakes with any conflict are incredibly high, but the presence of nuclear weapons increases the scale of devastating risk and of incomprehensible consequences. This is why we believe the Biden Administration’s approach to supporting Ukraine through economic, military, and diplomatic aid–and not increasing risks by introducing US troops into the war– is the prudent choice.

Ploughshares Fund is unwavering in its efforts to reduce the nuclear threat.