Questions about US-Iran Nuclear Negotiations? Chat Live with Joel Rubin on Facebook, Thursday, Oct. 10

Tomorrow, between 12:30 and 1:00pm ET (9:30-10:00am PT), Middle East expert and Ploughshares Fund policy director Joel Rubin will sit down to chat LIVE on Facebook and respond to any questions you may have on nuclear negotiations with Iran. Be sure to log on with Joel tomorrow to get clarification on the issue and expert analysis on the potential for a diplomatic solution.

It was almost two weeks ago when President Obama and Iranian President Rouhani broke historic ground by engaging in a 15-minute phone call and by discussing--via Twitter-- a diplomatic solution on Iran’s nuclear program. The international community takes the next step in negotiations next Tuesday and Wednesday, October 15th-16th, in Geneva, Switzerland, with meetings scheduled between Iran and the UN Security Council, plus Germany (known as the P5 + 1). Rouhani has indicated his eagerness to reach a solution within a matter of months, and will likely bring a “package” of conditions and concessions to offer. Since his election in June, President Rouhani has yet to meet with this group of nations, from whom he will undoubtedly seek relief from paralyzing sanctions.

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