Tear up the INF Treaty, Start a New Arms Race

Learn how you can help us stop the new nuclear arms race

John Bolton and Donald Trump are shredding the nuclear safety net that Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, labored for fifty years to construct. We must stop them before it is too late.

Please consider a donation to Ploughshares Fund, today.

In recent days, we have received more requests for funding than we can meet. Requests from people and organizations outside the traditional arms control community who believe, like you and I, that we need safer national security and foreign policies. They want to mobilize their memberships, chapters, and nation-wide networks to take action and speak out.

Right now, we have an opportunity to engage the public and tell our leaders that the American people are behind them. That they can take courageous steps to keep us safe.

But we need your support to make this possible.

Already congressional leaders and presidential candidates are beginning to stand up to stop this madness. Last week, our Policy Director Tom Collina stood shoulder to shoulder with Senator Ed Markey and Rep. Ted Lieu to help them introduce their new bill to prevent any president from launching a first strike with nuclear weapons without congressional approval.

The new Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Adam Smith, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren go further, proposing a bill that will block any nuclear first strike.   The New Yorker this week said, "Smith and Warren are now openly defying the Trump doctrine." So are we.

Since last week, I've been working furiously to save one of the most effective arms control treaties in history: Ronald Reagan's INF treaty. I told Hallie Jackson of  MSNBC last Friday, "This is not standing up to Russia, this is giving them a gift … this scares our allies, it demoralizes our friends, and it lets our adversaries off the hook."

The Washington Post ran my op-ed last weekend, "John Bolton is a Serial Arms Control Killer." In it I say that while Bolton's latest hit is the INF Treaty, his list of victims goes back decades. He is using the Russian violations to kill a treaty he always hated.

Will you contribute $5, $10 or even $15 monthly so that we can prevent a new nuclear arms race?

Together we can create real peace and security by applying reason and intelligence, not brute-force to strategic relations. Together we can avoid the civilization-ending threat of today's nuclear arsenals, but we need your help. Please consider donating today.


You can help stop Trump's new nuclear arms race. Learn how today.

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Photo: The Z machine is located in Albuquerque, N.M., and is part of the Pulsed Power Program, which started at Sandia National Laboratories back in the 1960s. Pulsed power is a technology that concentrates electrical energy and turns it into short pulses of enormous power, which are then used to generate X-rays and gamma rays. Photo by Randy Montoya. Flickr / Sandia Labs (cc)