Video Blog: Obama, Romney, and Nuclear Policy

Foreign policy has been the hot topic on the campaign trail recently, with President Obama and Governor Romney making several public appearances – and trading jabs – in an attempt to build support leading up to the November election.

We asked Joe Cirincione to give us his President’s perspective on the candidate’s foreign policy claims and what they mean for nuclear security. As he explains, their views on non-proliferation differ greatly from those of 2008, when both party's candidates promoted a vision of a nuclear weapon-free world. Today, the divide is deep, with Obama and Romney agreeing on little. What have they been saying, and do they have it right? Watch Joe’s video blog to get the full report.

UPDATE: Ploughshares Fund's policy director Joel Rubin has also published a piece in the Jewish Chronicle on what Romney might say and if his policies will keep us safe. Worth a read. 

This post was produced by Megan Murphy, Development Assistant.