Philip Yun on North Korea threat

Watch: Philip Yun on North Korea Threat

Our Executive Director and COO explains the North Korean situation

North Korea poses one of the greatest nuclear threats on the planet. The US is in the middle of a slow-motion train-wreck with North Korea over its nuclear weapons and missile program -- and President Trump's loose talk about nuclear weapons in the region hasn't helped. Unless we do something about the situation now, a "metal on metal" collision could be in the offing -- a full blown crisis marked by more North Korean tests and calls within Washington for military strikes to stop them.   

Philip Yun, our Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, has been at the forefront of the North Korean discussion for decades. Having worked for the United States government in various senior advisory positions pertaining to North Korea policy and diplomatic negotiations, he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable figures on North Korea today. His recent analysis on national television and radio provides a clear perspective on the situation, and what can be done by the United States and other major world powers to contain North Korea.

Listen to his interviews on WHYY Public Media and KQED to hear him discuss the latest developments on North Korea.

Ploughshares Fund remains dedicated to stopping the North Korean nuclear threat. Now more than ever, we need your support to reverse growing nuclear threats like this one. With your help, we can continue to funding the best organizations, brightest minds and boldest ideas on how to contain this crisis without starting a war. We did it with Iran; with your support we will do everything in our power to help do the same on North Korea.

Watch: @PhilipYun_PF on North Korea Threat.

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