What the extension of Iran talks means

The international talks over Iran's nuclear program have been extended through November. Sure, we'd rather have had a deal. But as long as all sides remain committed to the process, we're still on track to achieve the objective: peacefully preventing the development of an Iranian nuclear weapon. 

Since the news broke that negotiators were likely to ask for more time, Ploughshares Fund staff and partners have been analyzing what this means for us. The general sense was that an extension is positive both because it keeps diplomacy moving, but also because it continues the freeze on Iran's nuclear program that has been in place as a result of the talks. 

Over the next few months, negotiators will be working to resolve the tough issues that remain on the table. Experts who were in Vienna tell us that the main sticking points were the size of Iran’s enrichment capacity in a final deal and the proposed duration of the final deal. We believe that these are solvable issues. 

Both of Ploughshares Fund's leaders, Philip Yun and Joe Cirincione have been among the voices working to explain why the deal was extended and why the United States should continue to engage in diplomacy. 

Check out Philip explaining some of the politics behind the deal on Medium, and catch Joe in USA Today explaining why diplomacy follows the successful path laid out by Reagan and on Defense One explaining what needs to happen next.