Philip Yun at Future of US Nuclear Policy 2018

Will you help Ploughshares Fund?

Together we can solve the world's biggest problem.

As we reach the end of another tumultuous year in US nuclear policy, the work and mission of Ploughshares Fund has never been more urgent. I'm writing to ask you to consider giving generously today.

Last year at this time, North Korea tested its most powerful missile yet — one capable of striking anywhere in the continental United States. This year the world has moved away from "fire and fury," toward talks for peace and security. In addition to the risk of stumbling into a nuclear war, another great tragedy would be missing our concrete opportunity to settle the Korean nuclear threat once and for all.

"The peace train has left the station," as Ploughshares Fund grantee Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ so succinctly described the diplomatic momentum between the two Koreas. In May, her organization walked with 1200 women in the DMZ, one of the most militarized borders in the world. "Declaring an end to the Korean War would be a corresponding measure, and a constructive step toward the denuclearization of North Korea." This optimism fuels our mission. Ploughshares Fund shows what can be done with smart, targeted and persistent work. We give people hope and a way to do something meaningful.


Through the work of grantees such as 38 North and National Committee on North Korea, as well as our coalitions of experts, military validators and activists, we are ensuring that assumptions, misinformation and stereotypes are being replaced with education, facts and understanding as central to our national discussion on North Korea.

I am committed to fulfilling the Ploughshares Fund mission for my children, family, community and those who will come after them. I ask that you please join me in this commitment by making a contribution to Ploughshares Fund this December.

Together we can solve the world's biggest problem. Your contribution this December is more important than ever. I hope you will consider giving today.  We cannot leave this problem for another generation.


Will you also help Ploughshares Fund? I gave today.

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