A Window of Opportunity — Nuclear Negotiations between Iran and World Powers

World powers and Iran will meet again in January in an effort to reach a comprehensive agreement that verifiably prevents an Iranian nuclear bomb. While gaps remain, a deal is within reach - if both sides find the political will to take advantage of this window of opportunity. Ploughshares Fund Executive Director Philip Yun explains in a new op-ed for Medium

In business, timing is everything; this is also true in diplomacy. Not only do you need two sides that are open to making a deal, with interests that overlap, you need something else just as critical — a steadfast determination to “close the deal” (if it is a good one) and the circumstances that allow it to go through. Pity the hundreds of Silicon Valley start-ups that were counting on a round of financing, or those of us hoping to sell a house, that hesitated just before the market crash of 2008.

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