World Nuclear Stockpile Analytics

This year we saw a nearly 16% decrease in the number of nuclear weapons in the world. This is great progress but there is far more work for us to do.

Among the nine countries with nuclear weapons, some are decreasing their stockpiles while others increase in defiance of international norms. Overall, we have fewer nuclear weapons today than we did in January and that is good news.

As nuclear weapon counts continue to fall, those seeking to develop these horrible weapons become more and more the international pariah. Just as world opinion has come to see chemical and biological weapons as unacceptable and is firmly voicing this view to the Syrian government now, it is a matter of time before everyone also sees nuclear weapons for what they are – a liability, and not an asset.

Nuclear weapons are costly relics of a bygone era and, with your support, we can truly make them a thing of the past, so we can be sure they will never be used again.