The World is Safer

International inspectors last month verified that Iran has completed all its commitments under the historic nuclear accord. Iran’s once-feared nuclear complex has been largely dismantled. Not by force, but by diplomacy: it ripped out two-thirds of its centrifuges, gutted its plutonium reactor, shipped out tons of enriched uranium and accepted an unprecedented monitoring regime, putting the entire complex under lock and camera. This is the national security achievement of a generation. America is safer, Israel is safer, the world is safer. Ploughshares Fund and our grantees played a critical role in this triumph. We analyzed, argued and lobbied. Together, we prevailed. We helped block all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb without starting another war in the Middle East. But the fight isn’t over. Hawks in Congress and on the campaign trail are trying to kill the agreement, putting partisan interests above the national interest. Our grantees and partners are working hard to protect the agreement. We will use this momentum to defend our gains and win new victories. Lessons from the Iran deal can help curtail North Korea’s program. With nuclear threats reduced, there is less need for new, expensive US nuclear weapons. The Iran accord is an historic victory. We hope it leads to many more.