No First Use

No First Use is a pledge or a policy by a nuclear power not to use nuclear weapons as a means of warfare unless first attacked by an adversary using nuclear weapons.

At any minute, the president of the United States can start a nuclear war with sole authority. There is no requirement for outside approval or a second opinion. If the United States were to use nuclear weapons first, a nuclear-armed adversary is exponentially more likely to retaliate with nuclear weapons. Keeping the threat of nuclear first use on the table is an outdated and dangerous policy. Supporting a No First Use stance is a step we can take toward forging a saner nuclear policy.

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  • Demand presidential candidates oppose the first use of nuclear weapons
    At any minute, the president of the United States can start a nuclear war with sole authority. There is no requirement for outside approval or a second opinion. Donald Trump’s reckless behavior is shining a light on just how dangerous this situation is. But no president should have unchecked...
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    The legitimacy of American democracy is rooted in political participation. Since the end of World War II, however, participation in national security policymaking by citizens, and even by most elected representatives, is no longer considered legitimate. This is especially true for decisions...

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