10 Big Nuclear Ideas

Some of the US’s top global security minds have outlined their vision in the Ploughshares Fund report, “10 Big Ideas for the Next President”, to help guide the new administration on how to best protect the world from nuclear weapons threats.

Published one week after the 2016 presidential election, the report (pdf version here) contains groundbreaking essays and policy recommendations from a wide range of experts, from Senator Dianne Feinstein and former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry to former CIA operative Valerie Plame and the former commander of our nuclear arsenal, retired Gen. James Cartwright, among others.

The 10 Big Nuclear Ideas

  • New Report: 10 Big Nuclear Ideas for the Next President

    President-elect Donald Trump will soon have to focus seriously on nuclear policy. With this in mind, Ploughshares Fund invited some of the best thinkers in the field to come up with ten bold ideas to help make America safer and more secure. ...

    November 14, 2016 - By Tom Collina