Women's Initiative

To create a world where all people and the planet are safe and free from nuclear threats, it’s imperative we harness the insight and experience the entire security field has to offer by working toward greater inclusivity and representation.

Historically, the security sector has devalued the perspectives of women and other marginalized communities' populations. We need more women in the field. And when women do make it into the room, we must keep their contributions and insights—which may challenge the status quo of a system that overvalues force and threats over diplomacy and cooperation—from being discounted or ignored all together. By inviting and positioning women firmly at the peace and security table, Ploughshares Fund aims to invest in, amplify, and expand the range of perspectives addressing our world’s greatest nuclear challenges—and, as a result, expand the variety of solutions and ideas available to us.

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Latest News and Analysis on the Ploughshares Fund Women's Initiative

  • Grantee Spotlight: Laicie Heeley

    Ploughshares Fund is proud to sponsor the work of Laicie Heeley, a fellow at the Stimson Center’s Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense Program. Over the past year, Ploughshares Fund has supported Heeley in launching two flagship programs in the nuclear security field with the new podcast,...

    March 23, 2018 - By Ploughshares Fund
  • International Women’s Day 2018

    Right now, there is tremendous action happening across the country and around the world to advance women’s rights, human rights, and the right to a safe and secure future for all. But that future will not be realized as long as the fields of national security and foreign policy continue to be...

    March 8, 2018 - By Elizabeth Warner
  • Transforming Thinking, Advancing Policy

    Women have led, and are leading, the fight to create a safer, saner and more egalitarian future in many areas of civic life, and nuclear security is no different. Ploughshares Fund aims to increase women's leadership and to amplify the role and voices of women working to reduce nuclear threats....

    February 6, 2018 - By Ploughshares Fund
  • Women for America, for the World (1986)

    To mark Women's HIstory Month we've excavated "Women - for America, for the World" (1986). This 30 minute documentary film features 22 prominent American women from all walks of life discussing what motivates their activism seeking the end of the Cold War-era nuclear arms race. In the film,...

    March 3, 2017 - By Ploughshares Fund