Who We Support: Our Grantees

Ploughshares Fund award grants three times a year based to the most promising people and projects that are reducing the threat of nuclear weapons. Current grantees include:

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)
ICAN is a coalition of non-governmental organizations promoting adherence to and implementation of the United Nations nuclear weapon ban treaty. They will be organizing a civil society conference around the first Meetings of States Parties in June 2022.
Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)
FCNL is a Quaker organization with strong links to broader religious communities including a network of thousands of constituents nationwide and nearly one hundred advocacy teams in thirty-nine states. With our grant, they are currently focused on the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA), building legislative support for no first use and reforming presidential sole authority.
Women Cross DMZ (WCDMZ)
WCDMZ mobilizes women globally for peace on the Korean Peninsula through education, advocacy, and organizing. They are one of the leading voices calling for a formal end to the Korean War and the replacement of the armistice with a peace agreement. Watch a video of their historic crossing here. 


The Threat in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its use of nuclear weapons to hold Ukraine and the West hostage is unacceptable. Ploughshares Fund is committed to reducing the threat of nuclear weapons now and long into the future.

Hear Ploughshares Fund President, Emma Belcher, address the issue in a TedX Talk.

What you need to know about nuclear weapons and Ukraine - Learn more here.

Ploughshares Fund Podcast

Press the Button is a weekly podcast produced by Ploughshares Fund offering critical insights into nuclear weapons issues related to Russia, Ukraine, Iran, North Korea and how to reduce the threats they pose. New episodes every Tuesday.

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Dr. Belcher: We must Invest in New Ways of Thinking

Ploughshares Fund President Dr. Emma Belcher urged leaders at the Aspen Security Forum in late July to look at new tools and techniques to solve the critical problems posed by nuclear weapons.

Life Without Nukes? Some Day

What does Ploughshares Fund’s annual gala “Chain Reaction” look like from a donor’s perspective?

Fran Moreland Johns, a writer and supporter of Ploughshares Fund, details her experience attending the 2022 event and why she believes in Ploughshares’ mission to create a safer and more...

Hope, Frustration and Opportunity:  Today’s Nuclear Policy Community

December 2021, Ploughshares Fund conducted a survey of the international nuclear policy community to draw a portrait of the sector and determine areas of opportunity and excitement over the next several years.

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