Chain Reaction 2019 - Alex Wellerstein and the "New" Nuclear Arms Race

Alex Wellerstein on the "New" Nuclear Arms Race

Nuclear historian of science at Chain Reaction 2019

Watch Alex Wellerstein's demonstration of NUKEMAP, an interactive map that uses declassified nuclear weapons effects data to model the explosion of nuclear weapons (contemporary, historical, or of any given arbitrary yield) on virtually any terrain and at virtually any altitude. He discusses the history of the nuclear arms race and his efforts to help people understand nuclear weapons as real, and not simply as an abstraction. Watch his full remarks in the video. See all the videos.

Chain Reaction 2019

This year's Chain Reaction 2019: A New Moment in San Francisco on June 10, 2019 was an evening of conversation about "A New Moment" to reshape the national debate on nuclear strategy. Keynote speaker Beatrice Fihn, executive director of Nobel Peace Prize winning campaign coalition International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) led the discussion, and Governor Jerry Brown was a surprise guest speaker. Additional guest speakers include former Deputy National Security Advisor for Obama and "Pod Save The World" co-host Ben Rhodes, journalist and author Eric Schlosser and nuclear historian Alex Wellerstein.

Watch Alex @wellerstein discuss #NUKEMAP, at #ChainReaction2019.

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