250,000 Challenge Match

Longtime Donor Offers Matching Challenge

Help raise an additional $500,000 for nuclear security

Update: 7/16/2019: The deadline has been extended to December 31, 2019.

An anonymous longtime Ploughshares Fund donor believes that now is the time to expand our base of support so we can increase our impact and make progress toward a nuclear weapon-free world.

Between now and December 31, 2019, this donor will match all new gifts between $5,000 and $10,000, up to $5,000 per gift. The increased portion of all gifts from existing donors who increase to the $5,000 level will also be matched. Gifts from donors who have not given in the past 24 months are considered new.

The donor became a supporter of Ploughshares Fund back in 1985, feeling that nuclear weapons posed an existential threat and recognizing that we were filling a need and role that no other funder was providing.

"My 1985 donation was $10,000 — which was worth a lot more in 1985," said the donor, who was inspired by Ploughshares Fund founder Sally Lilienthal. "We all owe a great debt to Sally Lilienthal for her foresight, commitment, and skill in creating Ploughshares and growing it over the years. The cataclysmic dangers posed by nuclear weapons have ratcheted up significantly since the 2016 presidential election, due to US and Russian government policies and actions and the continuing risks associated with Iran and North Korea."

The donor's intention for the $250,000 Challenge Match is to help Ploughshares Fund have the institutional wherewithal by increasing higher levels of giving and allowing us to make significant steps toward realizing our vision of a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons. But we can't do it without your help.

Please consider a contribution to Ploughshares Fund and help us meet this challenge match opportunity. The impact of your $5,000 to $10,000 gift will be leveraged, right when we need it most.

All of this, with your support, will help prevent the worst from happening, while building a new progressive nuclear policy agenda to take us into 2020 and beyond.

You can help put an end to one of the greatest threats to our planet — and to future generations. Be a part of the $250,000 Challenge Match today, for a safer and more secure world tomorrow.